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Default Re: Butchering animals

Possibly it's because you've been around it all your life, they subconsciously think that meat comes wrapped in plastic from the supermarket? I think I helped with a deer for the first time when I was eight or so. Now I do whole quarters myself. Needless to say I don't anticipate huge problems with basic butchery in culinary school (well, not from being grossed out. Cutting my hand off with the band saw is another matter.) On the other hand there were people in my college bio class who couldn't even reach into the water to grab a crawdad to dissect. How they survived when we got to the fetal pig, I don't know. There were people like that in high school who didn't deal well with the cat dissection. They'd just never had any experience with animals as things to be cut up before. Probably also had not seen animals kill each other, either (another hazard of farm life.)

I haven't read the book, but possibly in that scenario it was the combination of almost having gotten eaten himself and seeing it prepped for eating that made him a, even if he'd seen butchering before. I mean, I'm not enitrely thrilled to be cutting apart a deer that's still steaming, but I accept that if I want the meat, this is where it's coming from. There's something visceral about reactions to butchering and dissection, even after you've seen it.
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