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Default Decision at Doona--My Comments

I just finished reading Decision at Doona and wanted to share my opinions of it.

Up until a week ago, the only novels that I've read of Anne McCaffrey's since I first picked up one of her books last May (Dragonsong) was the Dragonriders of Pern series. Not including that one short story called "Velvet Fields" which I read earlier this month.

Though, I did plan to read some of her other books when I finished Pern. But, originally, the Pirate Planets/Dinosaur Planet series was the one I decided on next after Pern. So I aqcuired the necessary books with that in mind.

But went to the library the day after I baught the three Pirate Planet books to look for two other books--Dragon Companion and its sequal. I didn't find the sequal, but my eyes did fall upon a small book called Decision at Doona. After much mental debating, I said, "Aw, what the shells" and checked it out.

I decided to read Doona first and started so on the way home.

I quickly found myself as attached to the book as I had found myself when I was first reading Dragonsong. The story feels vaguely like Alan Dean Foster's Nor Crystal Tears. Just a little.

I love the Hrrubans! I love Ken's character and his exchanges with the Codep and Spacedep officials. And I love Todd and his "tail' and the development of his character.

In short, I LOVED it. And I can't wait to get a hold of the other two books. Definitely looks like another series to collect.
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