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Originally Posted by granath
I certainly would be peeved, so I don't blame Lenvec one bit. Especially as his personality was subsumed by the Eosi, and its anger at being denied the vicarious experiences of Zainal's previous life.
I would have thought that should make an interesting change for the Eosi. Assuming all of its hosts had led similarly exciting/favored lives to Zainal to finally receive a host who has led a relatively quiet life complete with a family and all the associated emotional experiences that the Ix had presumably had no prior experience of should have been a novel, and not necessarily unwelcome experience.

As regards Lenvec - I think he was a pretty mean and bitter guy but then he did have to watch his big brother (I assume Zainal was the eldest anyway) getting all the favourite son treatment, and then had to raise his kids as well so that Zainal could get on with the business of having fun.
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