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Default On offer for 1 dollar per item ex postage

Mail me for postage


Dragonsdawn, tpb UK version and edition, very good, 1st, 1989

Red Star Rising, tpb UK version (USA: Dragoneseye), good, ex lib, 1996

Lyon's Pride, vol. 4 in Tower and the Hive series, tpb, good, 1994

Crystal Singer, hc w/dj, bookclub edition, fair

Freedom's Landing, 1st in Catteni Sequence, hc w/dj. fine, bookclub edition

Freedom's Ransom, hc w/dj, fine, 1st, 2002
[with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough] Acorna's Children, Second Wave, hc w/dj, fine, 1st, 2006

Rescue Run, hc w/dj, very good, bookclub/wildside ed., ill. 1991

The Girl Who Heard Dragons, hc w/dj, ex lib but very good, with 24 illustrations by Michael Whelan, 1st, 1994. Holds 15 short stories by Anne.


Nebula Award Winning Stories, ed. by Roger Zelazny, mmp, very good, 1st, 1970. This holds the short story Weyr Search.

Beyond the Stars. Tales of Adventure in Time and Space, Marylebone Books, hc with pictoral jacket, very good, 1963. Holds short story The Smallest Dragonboy

Visions of Fantasy. Tales from the Masters, ed. by Asimov and Greenberg, hc with pictoral jacket, very good, 1st, 1989. Holfd short story The Smallest Dragonboy

Science Fiction Hall of Fame, ed. by Arthur C. Clarke, hc w/dj, very good, 1991. Holds the short story Dragonrider. Holds the complete Nebula Award Winners 1965-1969


Crystal Singer, 2 audio cassettes, approx. 3 hours, Media Books, in hard plastic case, read by Adrienne Barbeau.

[with Jody Lynn Nye] Crisis on Doona, 2 audio cassettes, approx. 3 hours, in hard plastic case, reda by Mereditch MacRae.
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