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Default Re: Collecting Highlight (70) - Nerilka's Story audiobook

Very nice Highlight Hans.... It once again gives a collector every thing they need to know, so that they can go and find one for themselves, to add to their own collection.
I enjoy this cover especially the background...but...that isn't what Nerilka looks like in my mind...and I never read anything, anywhere about Llama's being on Pern, perhaps this is just another one of those cover artist that never got the chance to read the book, but I do love the hold look in the background.

I also have one of these...thanks to a heads up from a dear friend... at Cheryl.
It also plays quite nicely although the outside of the case was a bit beat up. Mine was a library copy so it was played some...but still has quite a bit of life left in it. Living in a very dry area, my tapes seem to have weathered quite nicely through the years, and I listen to them often while I draw. It really helps me to listen to the stories that involve the character that I'm drawing at the time...helps to keep my mind centered in the time and place, that Anne wrote them in.
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