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Default Collecting Highlight (70) - Nerilka's Story audiobook

My very first Collecting Highlight was done on the abridged audio book of All The Weyrs of Pern by the Publishing Mills. This audio book is read by Anne herself and every time I listen to the author herself reading the passage with the death of Robinton and hearing her voice break… I cry. It is very special to hear Anne herself tell the story. She has a very distinctive and unusual voice en timbre that will surprise many a fan who hasn’t heard Anne talk before.

Scan of the front of the slipcase with the Edwin Herder art

Audio books with Anne herself reading are rare. Besides the above mentioned AtWoP she only read part of the White Dragon (published on old fashioned vinyl record and cassette tape) and an abridged version of Nerilka’s Story. It’s this last set that this Collecting Highlight is about.

Like every Anne read audio book this one too, is rare and usually relatively expensive unless you are very lucky. The book with this story was first published by Ballentines in 1986 and the Science Fiction Bookclub picked it up in the same year. It was three years after the hugely successful Moreta and fans were clamouring for more, more! The audio book was published in 1986, too, by Random House, New York. Random House was the mother company of Ballentines/Del Rey at the time (I think it still is, the publishing world is a jungle of houses and imprints).

The Nerilka audio book contains two C90 cassettes with a total running time of 2 hours and 57 minutes. They are put in a cardboard slipcase which features the Edwin Herder cover art that was also used for the original Ballentines book. There is no statement of edition or printing on the box though it does give a 1986 copyright. It is known, however, that is was published in November 1986. The executive producer on this recording was Sherry Huber. The ISBN is 0-394-55817-0.

Slipcase, cassette and inlay of the cassette box

The original price was $14.95 but you are extremely lucky if you get a chance to buy it for that price now. At the moment I can’t find any listed on and eBay doesn’t list one either… they don’t come by much. Despite it being relatively expensive when you do see them the two copies offered on Amazon are strongly overpriced $145 for a used/good and a new one respectively (new is arbitrary but I suppose it is in like new condition; but even then overpriced). It does give you an indication of the rarity of this item though.

Despite being not as emotional (for me) as the two AtWoP tapes it is very, very nice to hear Anne herself tell the wonderful, diary like story of Nerilka, in my honest opinion one of her best stories. And if you get the chance of buying this tape for a price you want to pay for it my advice is: go for it, it’ll be worth it!
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