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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Originally Posted by Heath View Post
I'd say yes if I didn't know far too many people who share my sexual orientation and incidentally share my view of AMC, or hadn't seen her books in too many kinky households to call it pure chance.
That is in no way a compelling argument. Her books have sold millions of copies, it would be shocking if that didn't include a percentage of people who agree with you and have similar sexual tastes. That doesn't magically make you an authority on what she was thinking when she wrote them.

A good author can write scenes with different possible interpretations, which appeal to different people for different reasons. You are espousing one of many possible interpretations of those passages. You like this interpretation because it appeals to you and your particular tastes. That doesn't mean that you have hit upon the one and only authorial-intended interpreations.
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