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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Heath, are you a teen or early twenties, by chance? You sound like you just found the Kinsey research like it's new. (It's not. Everyone knows it and some of it's been debunked, ditto Masters and Johnson.) Or are attempting to seem edgy. And you're giving people who like s/m a very bad image on here. Not to mention attempting to read Anne's mind. (I still say it's VERY telling the only actual S/M shown is portrayed as something the bad characters do. But Anne is no longer in a position to tell us and frankly I can't really imagine asking her about it when she was alive, anyway.)

If you really can't get why modern readers might have an issue with almost all female characters ending in a Pernese equivalent of second potato to the men, sex is not your real problem. If you don't get what is not especially progressive, though extremely typical for 1970s fiction as opposed to current trends, about that, I suggest you're not in fact particularly well-read. Or the difference between what's appropriate in sex-fantasy suggestion guide anthologies (they exist) versus what alleges to be a story about strong female characters and men who respect them, come to that.
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