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Default Re: Todd McCaffrey's US west coast tour

On Saturday at 2pm my husband Martin and I arrived at Mysterious Galaxy Book Store in San Diego...for Todd McCaffrey's new *Dragonharper* book reading/talk and signing. All of which was fun, interesting, funny at times and all in all very enjoyable.
There were about thirty people that showed up for the sit down event...and several more that came just to have him very gladly sign their stacks of books. Here are some of the photos that we took there....Hope you enjoy...we certainly did.

A lovely young fan of Todd's, Jacqueline, waited patiently after everyone had recieved a signature...just for a few words and a personal photo with him.

Todd very graciously not only signed all books that were brought to him...but also agreed to photos with him when asked

. We left when it was all all of the *MoMers* Best Wishes and Congratulations to Anne and Todd McCaffrey on their new book *Dragonharper*. :good
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