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Post McCaffrey Quest 2008 - Topic Announced!

Just in time for Christmas (and your Christmas book wish lists!), we're announcing the topic for next year's McCaffrey Quest:

6th Pass Pern and Brainships

The specific books and short stories that will be covered are
Nerilka's Story
"Beyond Between" - short story found in Legends II edited by Robert Silverberg

The Ship Who Sang
The Ship Who Searched
The Ship Who Won
The Ship Errant - novel by Jody Lynn Nye
The City Who Fought
The Ship Avenged - novel by S.M. Stirling
"Honeymoon" - short story found in Get Off the Unicorn
"The Ship Who Returned" - short story found in Far Horizons edited by Robert Silverberg

We know it may be harder to get your hands on the two non-Anne Ship books, so while they will be included in the quest, there will be only 2-3 questions on each. So if you can't find them, don't think that you shouldn't bother with the quest.

And as a helpful hint, some of the Brainship books can be found in anthologies published by Baen:
Brain Ships (Partnership and The Ship Who Searched)
The City and the Ship (The City Who Fought and The Ship Avenged)
The Ship Who Saved the Worlds (The Ship Who Won and The Ship Errant)
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