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Default Re: Dragon size references

Well, looking back at my old attempt to get watchwher sizes, I now realize that I did get the math wrong in addition to misunderstanding what I was reading.

I'll just copy/paste what I told a friend about it the other day on Discord:

So... I skimmed Gigi's addition to the Pern series, and it turns out 9th Pass ("modern day") Pernese dragons are measured in meters after all! Which means that since Ruth the White Dragon is a throwback to the original programmed size, that it can be safely assumed the "feet measurement" was the original pre-programmed size of growth for the dragons, which it's been assumed they had from at least 3rd Pass (Dragon Plague arc) up until Benden Weyr was isolated for 400+ years and had that inbreeding problem.



...............O_o Aw crap. That still leaves figuring out the sizes for watchwhers....

............facepalm That means BOTH sides of the "dragon size" argument are right! XD


The next day:

I figured out that Pern watchwher problem! :smile:

So I was looking at the only actual measurements of a watchwher I could find. It was a green wher (Kisk from Dragons' Kin) measured in height and length at 2 weeks from her hatching and again at 3-4 months over a growth span of 5-6 months. Either 4 months old and she'd stop growing at 6 months, or 3 months old and she'd stop growing at 5 months. Looks like she grew 1 foot a month (her measurements where done in "hands" like with horses). Which means at full growth she'd be about 6 feet tall at the shoulder and about 18 feet long (whers are 3 times longer than they are tall at the shoulders).

So, if I'm right about pre-9th Pass dragons being measured in feet and a gold wher is the same as a brown dragon in height and not length...

Pre-9th Pass brown dragons would be 30ft-35ft long and 15ft-17.5ft high at the withers.
Which would mean:

17.5ft biggest gold wher height
15.5ft smallest gold
15ft biggest bronze
12.5ft smallest bronze/biggest brown
10ft smallest brown/biggest blue
7.5ft smallest blue/biggest green
5ft smallest green

So that means that green wher in the story would be average size!

So that means I got the math right after all!


Still doesn't quite solve the issue of "dragonlengths". facepalm The average length of a green dragon. There's a HUGE difference between 22.5 feet and 74 feet!

Although... The Atlas of Pern does seem to indicate that a "dragonlength" is measured using the "meters" dragon scale, even though all the maps in there have "feet".

Then again, thinking it over, "dragonlength" is used as a measurement during the 9th Pass where they had those bigger dragons, so...

So I guess that clears that up?

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