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R'na Oct 4 2008 12:55 PM

Went to my HS homecoming game!!!!
Man what a game that was. I went to Dysart high school class of 1993 well the game was a slaughter. We beat Cortez High School 47-0WOW I am stoked.:dance::dance:In a way you could say we :flame: them. I could tell from the beginning of the game that Cortez was going to lose the fumbled the kickoff and followed that w/ lousy defense.

R'na Oct 4 2008 03:04 PM

Re: Went to my HS homecoming game!!!!
This would of been my 15 year reunion if we had one. Anyone have any memories from theirs?

Brighid Oct 5 2008 12:58 PM

Re: Went to my HS homecoming game!!!!
Glad you got to go to the game and had so much fun.

I'm coming up on my ten year this november and I'm still trying to figure out if I really want to go. I did go to a couple of plays that the school put on after graduation but I haven't been to one of those in almost seven years. Aside from that I don't believe I kept in touch with even one person from my class......

jube Oct 6 2008 06:35 AM

Re: Went to my HS homecoming game!!!!
I'm not sure if my high school had a 10 year or a 15 year reunion for us. Since I left high school, I think I've seen about 3 people from my class in the last 18 years since I've left. One I know still lives in the area, one I saw when junior spent 4 (nearly 5 months) at the Royal Children's hospital in Melbourne (that was 10 years ago) and one I saw on a regular basis for 2 years after we left school because she was the security guard at one of the nightclubs, I used to go to in my "clubbing" days (that was really handy as it was a quick way of getting into the pub without having to show ID. You know what...that particular pub is now a block of apartments :lol:)

I've kept up with 3 friends from my school - 2 were the year level below me and the other was in the one above.

Actually someone put a piece in one of the big papers and so I sent an email to them but I haven't heard back from them so I may email them again soon!

Cheryl Oct 6 2008 07:57 AM

Re: Went to my HS homecoming game!!!!
Glad you had fun, R'na! My class ended up cancelling our 10 yr reunion for lack of interest, and didn't even try to organize a 15 year one.

GinnyStar Oct 8 2008 05:06 PM

Re: Went to my HS homecoming game!!!!
I am the class of 1992, 15 year reunion, was fun and somewhat suprizing, and just a bit
Fun, seeing people who some I have seen our last one.

Suprize: Was one of my classmates did my firends hair for her wedding, and :) :O Its was early and my meds sometime make me sleepy, so I took a nap while she and co. Got ready. In her hair place.

Downer (For DJ had a sizer (sp) at it. For he and still feels he let me down. Not that he did! The weather and too much meds did it!

Glad to have help from Neal Luy MD a few other who names I forgent. "sigh"

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