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Khanath Jul 16 2006 08:13 PM

corgi pb editions
I'm currently living in Australia for a bit and i have a habit of stopping by the sci fi section of bookstores to visit. I've noticed that the McCaffrey paperbacks are mostly Corgi editions, with the Les Edwards cover art throughout. Now, I really like these covers, and am considering a pb pern collection (I have all books up to Skies in HC back home). But I bought Dragon's Kin last week, and I noticed it didn't have a map of Pern, or a Dragondex. Is this common throughout Dragon's Kin editions, or does Corgi not have the rights to reproduce the artwork? I've noticed that newer editions of Pern books often don't have a Dragondex, but the lack of a map really threw me.

Cheryl Jul 16 2006 08:47 PM

Re: corgi pb editions
They stopped putting in a Dragondex quite a long time ago -- I think Nerilka's Story might have been the last to bear one.

I wouldn't think the rights to the map would be an issue at all, as Corgi has printed maps before. The Del Rey pb and hc of Dragon's Kin don't have a map either -- so clearly someone decided it didn't need it, which I think is silly but then they didn't ask me! ;)

This would be a great question to pose to Todd -- anyone want to go fill out the contact form on his website and report back to us with the answer?

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