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jube Jul 19 2009 03:33 AM

More books for sale!
Hi all, I do have some books for sale which will be going up on www.ebay.com.au - you will need to sign into the Aussie site to find me. Look up juliab9172 in the "find a member" under the community section or click on my ebay siggy below. If you want postal costs to your country for a particular book, use the "ask the seller, a question" bit and I'll have to work it out for you as Aussie Post has put their costs up once again :mad::mad: Please realise folks that I'm unable to sell outside of the auction whilst it's on (mainly for those who don't get on ebay or want the book now). As I'm a few hours ahead of people, please be patient with me. Thanks.

jube Jul 21 2009 04:56 AM

Re: More books for sale!
I forgot to add that most are reading to good copies only, unless otherwise stated - hence the "cheap" starting bids.

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