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Cheryl Nov 26 2004 08:26 PM

All the Rest Book List
Some books belong to semi-series, as noted below:

Body Heir
The Coelura
Nimisha's Ship

Fantasy Novellas
An Exchange of Gifts
No One Noticed the Cat
If Wishes Were Horses
"The Quest of a Sensible Man"

The Mark of Merlin
Ring of Fear
The Kilternan Legacy
Stitch in Snow
The Year of the Lucy
The Lady (UK: The Carradyne Touch)

Non-Series Novels, Cross-Series Omnibus Editions, Anthologies, and Edited Works
Black Horses for the King
A Diversity of Dragons
The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey (Restoree, Decision at Doona, The Ship Who Sang)
Nerilka's Story and The Coelura (Nerilka's Story, The Coelura)
Get Off the Unicorn
The Girl Who Heard Dragons
Alchemy & Academe
Cooking Out of This World
Serve it Forth

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