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GinnyStar Oct 5 2015 05:12 PM

Sale of Book by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Eann her has posted via her Facebook wall.

Hurr-eh Hurr-eh Hurr-eh, special offer today only from Open Road Integrated Media. My first collection of my best short stories: Scarborough Fair, only $2.99! As per the copied and pasted letter from Kat Sherbo at Open Road!

Hi Ann,

I’m happy to let you know you about an exciting sales and marketing program at Open Road, Early Bird Books. Early Bird Books is a “daily deals” email newsletter that features different promo-priced ebooks each day.

Today we are featuring Scarborough Fair. The reception with consumers so far has been extremely positive, and we’re adding hundreds of new subscribers every day.

You can see the email here:http://link.openroadmedia.com/public/5255814


Scarborough Fair
by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

These ten stories from the mind of a Nebula Award–winning author showcase fantasy writing at its most inventive and gripping.

From a princess who falls under the most evil of spells to a feline detective on the prowl, Scarborough's characters face a puzzling array of cunning challenges.
Originally: $6.99
Available from these retailers
Amazon Apple Barnes & Noble Google Indiebound Kobo
Offer expires 10/5/15 via [URL="http://link.openroadmedia.com/public/5255814"]

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