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Cheryl Jun 22 2008 09:47 AM

Marketplace Guidelines
Members are advised that they enter into buying/selling agreements at their own risk. A Meeting of Minds makes no endorsements of sellers nor guarantees any sale.

If an issue does arise, A Meeting of Minds may help to arbitrate the issue, or may choose to stay out of it. Either way, please do report problems -- if there seems to be a consistent pattern of abuse then a member could become banned from this forum.

The following thread prefixes are available for this forum, please make use of them:
  • Sale (AMC) selling McCaffrey items (or directly related items like the DLG
  • Sale (non-AMC) selling non-McCaffrey items. We do not want an abundance of these, so try to make sure they are items you are reasonably sure MoM members might be interested in, like other SFF authors' books.
  • Sale (mixed) selling a number of items, some McCaffrey related and some not
  • Wanted items you are looking for and hope someone either can offer you or point you in the right direction to finding
  • Trade you wish to trade an item for something similar in value, so that no exchange of money is necessary/made
  • Free You are offering to give something away. May or may not charge shipping

With your item listing, feel free to use IMG code to add one or more pictures. Make sure you indicate how members are to contact you to work out the details (PM or email). Mentioning the item location (at least the country) is advised, so members will have a general idea about postage. I would also advise both sellers and buyers to make sure discussion of postage/handling costs is explicit so that there are no surprises.

Members who sell on eBay (or similar sites) may post here, directing members to their listings.

If you've sold all items mentioned in a thread (and/or are no longer offering them for sale), you may request a host close the thread -- just post the request in the thread. Open threads may be assumed to contain items actively for sale.

Any question you have may be posted in this thread.

GinnyStar Jun 22 2008 09:39 PM

Re: Marketplace Guidelines
Say Cheryl, a question for you. If you get lot of post and replies, placing that info on FAQ maybe a good idea. Just a sugestion on my part. And if I am say something wrong please let me know.

Cheryl Jun 23 2008 01:37 PM

Re: Marketplace Guidelines
I'll probably place an important or repeated answers in the initial guidelines post; people are more likely to check here than the FAQ.

GinnyStar Jun 23 2008 11:50 PM

Re: Marketplace Guidelines
Thank Cheryl, by the way I did load java into the system but sometime I don't know if it took or not. If I don't post of something pop up on my end. Tech problem pop up if too many people are online at one time.

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