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Cheryl Sep 4 2008 09:19 AM

Introduction to Photo ConCrit forum
Along with the guidelines, I want to get a general introduction to this forum written up and would appreciate ideas and feedback from others. Here's what I have to start:

Welcome to the Photography ConCrit Group! We are a bunch of amateur photographers who are looking to improve our skills, through the giving and receiving of constructive criticism. Although I refer to us as a "group" there is no formal membership list or procedure to join. Just dive in and start posting photos and feedback (but please read and follow the guidelines given below).

When you give feedback to others, remember it is meant to be constructive. This does not mean positive feedback only, but that it needs to express why you like or dislike a particular photo, and what you think might be done to improve it. Put on your analytical thinking cap and delve into the elements that comprise the photo: how it's framed/cropped, lighting, focus, etc.

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