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ilona Dec 13 2005 01:21 PM

For lovers of paranormal romances
I got my Marjorie Liu ARC this morning *YAY* It's a paranormal romance with X-men type characters.

Having already read her fist book 'Tiger Eye' on Christine Feehan's recommendation (which was an excellent read with action and humour abounding) I was very pleased to be picked to pre read book two of her 'Dirk & Steele' series. The book is due to be published January 31st according to the cover so I get to read it a Loooong time before I might have found it here in the UK, *YAY*

Can you tell I am a very happy woman right now? LOL

Will tell you what I think of it later - As soon as I get the time to read it (probably tomorrow while my youngest is in physio for his fractured finger LOL)

ilona Dec 15 2005 12:45 PM

Re: For lovers of paranormal romances
Well as promised here is my take on Shadow Touch by Marjorie M Liu.
I loved Artur and Elaine's story - the sheer guts of both characters not to give in to outside pressure from the bad guys was incredible. The main male character being an ex bad boy was a nice touch and the humour throughout gave the whole book a lift that stopped me drowning in suspence.
I love Miss Liu's way of blending magic and science into a believable whole, it kept me gripped from the very first page.

Oh and for all you people who don't read romance - this book is a great thrill ride mixing psychics, shapechangers and the russian mafia into a book full of real suspense.

Updrifting Apr 18 2018 06:46 PM

Re: For lovers of paranormal romances
Am preparing to release my third in my own paranormal romantic suspense series, and so am mentioning the first in this thread since it seems there may be folks interested in this genre? it's titled "Updrift," and is inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fable, although my bad guy is the real Little Mermaid... and the story is all moderned up! Hope someone in here might enjoy it. :-)

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