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Larra Dragonrider Aug 21 2005 01:37 PM

Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
Whenever I hear this song, (see below) i think of the Freedom Series and Kris and Zainal. Anybody else have songs like this, for any series? I also have a sorta weird one for DRoP.

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Hans Aug 21 2005 03:08 PM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
Doesn't work, Larra. The link brings you to the starter page, then you have to click "listen to samples"; that's alright, but then we don't know which of the songs :)

So, post the title, then we can click it!

Larra Dragonrider Aug 22 2005 06:39 PM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
oh, it's number three, forever in me.

ghyle Aug 26 2005 03:54 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
I don't have pieces of music that do that to me, with few exceptions. One is Gorecki's Symphony of Sorrow, which I like to associate with sad scenes in many books, for the obvious emotional connection.

edith Aug 26 2005 06:25 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
I use music, not so much when I am reading but more so when I write for fun, usually popular music mainly things like Queen- I played Sheer heart attack over and over the other day when I was thinking about expanding a piece-its now getting on for 70,000 words and I once wrote a piece to Space Oddity and the start of another to repeat recordings of "I'm Mandy Fly me"

I suppose its all to do with how we use our senses.
Can't think of anything Freedom related though...

ghyle Aug 26 2005 07:13 PM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
If I'm working with words, due to my schizophrenia, I find I can't cope when there are recognisable lyrics. I focus on what's sung, rather than what I should be writing.

Mind you, I do enjoy Sibelius for fantasy work, and Schubert for most work. Mahler's good to, for me. :good:

Lily Aug 26 2005 08:17 PM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
Some interesting music for various scenes might be fun!
I am immediately thinking of "Ride of the Valkeries" for fighting thread
(well, it was on the radio - hardly late night listening!)

granath Aug 27 2005 02:57 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
I'm very visual, so whenever I concentrate on something, especially reading, what comes in through my eyes overrides what I hear. That said, I couldn't possibly work in total silence, as I get fidgety. That said, if I want to listen to an audio book, I can't do anything else, which makes it rather futile. I don't drive, but I couldn't imagine listening to an audio book or language tape while driving...

Soundtrack for the Freedom series? Early 1990s music. ;)

Ride of the Valkyries? That's for the Ship series for me. Ho-yo-to-ho and all that...

ghyle Aug 27 2005 04:02 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
I did have a bad time once. I was reading a thread-fighting scene, and the Benny Hill theme came on the tv. I couldn't stop associating the two for months afterwards!

However, if you had to choose a piece for a theme to a theatrical (ie. movie) adaptation, what would you choose?

edith Aug 27 2005 05:33 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
hmm will pick a book tonight and have a go...
be prepared to have alot of obscure 70sish stuff mixed in it... I've inherited tastes from my Mum! :roll:
some planets suite?
or some celloey stuff!

granath Aug 27 2005 05:34 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
Anything except Looking for Freedom by David Hasselhoff. *barfbag smilie goes here*

Movies should have original scores... So anything by Howard Shore, John Williams, Hans Zimmer or just possibly Chris Bouchard (he did the original score for the fan movie Star Wars: Revelations) should be good.

ghyle Aug 27 2005 07:04 PM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
Why are you dissing the 'Hoff, Granath? :(

granath Aug 28 2005 02:59 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?

Originally Posted by ghyle
Why are you dissing the 'Hoff, Granath? :(

Because the song is so hopelessly poppy that it makes me gag. I don't have anything against the guy, unless you count embarrassment over the fact that Michael Knight was my first TV show crush. :O

ghyle Aug 28 2005 04:34 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
Could be worse, Granath, could have been the car. :crazy:

I think I shall daydream some more... mmmm... Mr Hasselhoff... that bikini looks so fetching on you....

ancientdracos Jan 18 2008 06:19 AM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
Lets see a sound track for Freedoms landing.:)
1.lazy day Kris is walking the campus opening title song
[somthing by the clash]

2.Attack Cats round up!!!:eek:
[Scum of the Earth-by Rob Zombie]

3.Kris's flight from captivity in stolen flitter.:evil:
[A score probably by Danny Elfman]

4.Just because I cant resist it (way too funny):lol:
[Whats new pussycat By Tom Jones]

5.First drop [Another score instramental By Dan Elfman]:notme:

6.Finding higher ground and the cave.:cool:
[La Grange By ZZ TOP]

7.Kris & Zia /Finally
[I guess somthing sappy]:aaah:

But thats jut off the top of my head .:good:

Nina Jan 22 2008 04:08 PM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
Immediately thinking of Kris in the thicket and all the nature sounds, steam, waterfall, birds, animals, leaves in the wind and the thicket releasing its small darts with a swiching sound, teeth in a pear dripping its juice all over.

To go with this, according to me, soft string meditative music.

Scene in the market place with brawling, bidding and bartering, laughter, several languages, thump of feet from guards.

Low menacing music with drums.

Or no music, but a clever enhancement of naturally occuring sounds.

*away I am on another world* :D

Sandi Jan 23 2008 11:18 PM

Re: Soundtrack for Freedom Series?
I can think of a lot of backgrounds if I'm allowed to be silly. But if the idea is to score a movie, I'd go for John Williams.

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