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Deanne Jun 9 2007 11:30 PM

Science Fiction Of The 20th Century Lim Ed Book= Fantastic!
OK, call me greedy for starting another new thread but I just recieved in the mail today a truely fantastic book! I got it off ebay and it's called Science Fiction of The 20th Century....An Illustrated HIstory by Frank M. Robinson........limited edition of 2000 copies.......this book is so much more than I expected! It was, as advertised, brand new and still sealed........it is a huge format book and comes with a great presentation box! It is very high quality with slate blue cloth covered boards, a ribbon marker and heavy high quality glossy pages......every page is colorful and has pictures of magazines, books and movies.......it is the history of science fiction as we know it starting primarily at the turn of the century with the first marketed publications. It has a very extensive history of all the early magazines (some of which I never knew existed) and pulps including alot of information about the writers and artists who contributed.......Anne's name is mentioned more than once.......have you gotten the idea that I am VERY impressed with this book and all the information in it? The same seller has another copy listed on ebay now, at the same starting bid which was approx. $25.00 and the shipping for this huge book was about $5.00! I couldn't believe that no one had bid against me for the one I got! If you can get a copy of this for yourself you won't be disappointed! :bouncy:

Cheryl Jun 10 2007 12:27 AM

Re: Science Fiction Of The 20th Century Lim Ed Book= Fantastic!
Sounds interesting, and I've found a few copies on eBay - both the special limited edition, and the regular over-sized paperback version (which would like lack the nice glossy pages which are best for the all the included artwork).

I found an interesting review of the book in one of the listings -- which points out some similar books for sf aficionados.
From Library Journal
As an "insider" history written by an sf practitioner, this volume lacks the detail of Brian Aldiss's Trillion Year Spree (LJ 11/15/86) and the provocative insight of Thomas M. Disch's The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of (LJ 4/15/98). It compensates by means of lapidary graphic design and a galaxy of prismatic magazine covers, book jackets, and film posters. In this respect, though, it faces competition from John Clute's more useful Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia (DK, 1995). Over half of Robinson's history is devoted to U.S. genre magazines, supplemented by a brief chapter on their British counterparts. A mere two chapters encapsulate the history of genre book publishing, and the concluding chapter attempts to relate the history of genre films. Surprisingly, there are no television images. Robinson's accompanying prose is knowledgeable but freighted with a lifelong fan's nostalgia for yesteryear. A stellar gift for enthusiasts, but libraries should consider the other titles mentioned above.

Hans Jun 10 2007 03:52 AM

Re: Science Fiction Of The 20th Century Lim Ed Book= Fantastic!
I think I've seen it. It's that limited edition book packaged in (or is it the cover) the thing with the yellow and black stripes, right?

Is there a mention in it about Anne and her works? And if yes, how small/large; and how many cover pictures? Can you enligthen us as to what "limited edition" means in this case?

Sounds like a great book to have, Deanne.

Deanne Jun 11 2007 05:52 AM

Re: Science Fiction Of The 20th Century Lim Ed Book= Fantastic!
The stripes you remember are on the presentation box......the majority of covers are of the early magazines though there are pics from some movie posters and of some book covers also........there is one book cover of Anne's and it is the Whelan White Dragon cover and the info about it states that it is the cover of the White Dragon from Anne's "hugely popular" Pern series.....her name is mentioned at least 4 other times in connection with the info about the various mags.........no big write ups about her especially but she is in there. And while it may not be the BEST source of information it is still a lovely book and was well worth the price! No regrets!

Sandi Jun 11 2007 12:56 PM

Re: Science Fiction Of The 20th Century Lim Ed Book= Fantastic!
Sounds like an interesting book, Deanne. If you, as the purchaser, feel it is worth the price you paid for it, then it is! It sounds as though you have already gleaned some benefits out of it in the way of the info on magazines and such. Now you'll have a whole bunch of more things to be on the look-out for! :D

Lady Maelin Jun 11 2007 01:08 PM

Re: Science Fiction Of The 20th Century Lim Ed Book= Fantastic!
Found several of these fir sale...but I'm not sure if it's your fancy boxed edition or not...one does talk about being sealed in its own box...so maybe that the same as your new treasure...close to the same cost too.


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