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Almaron Dec 9 2011 06:19 PM

Anyone interested in aiding the Pern Wiki?
As I mentioned in another post, I recently joined Wikia so I could edit the stagnant Pern wiki and try to bring it back on its feet.

I've already updated the minor holds (List of Holds) page to show all the new holds that have been named since the last publication of the Atlas of Pern, and I'm working on characters lists here (http://pern.wikia.com/wiki/Dynamic_People_of_Pern) that should be useful in writing up individual character pages. For instance, many characters only appear in one or two books (or even one or two scenes!), so their pages won't take very long to write, but it'll help fill up the wiki.

If anyone feels like they could add stuff to the wiki, I implore them to do so!

Hans Dec 11 2011 07:29 AM

Re: Anyone interested in aiding the Pern Wiki?
I was about to say: is done before, didn't make it but realized you were speaking of reviving the old one.

I have my Pern Encyclopedia (essentially a wiki, right?) now since 1998 and I have tremendous trouble keeping it filled and up-to-date.
I KNOW from experience how difficult it is to keep a project like that going and I mean, really keep it going, for a decade or more :)

Personally I'd rather you would "work" for me on the PE :) but if you have set yourself on reviving that wiki I wish you strenght, perseverance and the best of luck! :good:

Almaron Dec 11 2011 02:41 PM

Re: Anyone interested in aiding the Pern Wiki?
Couldn't we do both? I think the information from the wiki gets released into the public domain, so surely you could use info from there to update areas of your encyclopedia if you wished?

I personally prefer the idea of a wiki, for the very reason you mentioned; it's hard to do something like this on your own, but if multiple people do it, it gets done five times as fast and ensures that things can keep going even if one person gets bored and moves on.

At the moment, I'm working at updating the areas that I've often discussed on the forum - such as who lived at which Stake or where Southern Weyr is, and what happened when the Oldtimers were there, etc - in an attempt to solve some of the questions and inconsistencies that have popped up over the years. I don't mind if you use the info I write on your encyclopedia - the more the information gets spread the better!

Almaron Dec 11 2011 03:22 PM

Re: Anyone interested in aiding the Pern Wiki?
Hmm...that's weird...my computer messed up as I was adding my last post, and it's not being listed on the site! Let's hope this post fixes it.

Hans Dec 12 2011 02:45 PM

Re: Anyone interested in aiding the Pern Wiki?
Almaron, that all can work on it is exactly my objection because I want to control quality :)

I also have a bad taste as Wiki(pedia) is concerned and have found that the moderators are often acting like Wikinazi's rather than guides and have a rather high opinion of themselves, especially those who've been around long. I definitely am not a Wiki user, I'd rather do my own research in all circumstances and make my own conclusions. Ah well, there must be good ones/things too, have to admit that.

Thank you for the offer of using data. I must say, I haven't come to where I am now by copying the stuff others put up though :)

Lily Dec 12 2011 04:34 PM

Re: Anyone interested in aiding the Pern Wiki?
Yo go Hans! Yours is a terrific site.

Hans - are you a fan of Reggie Perrin?????

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