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GinnyStar Mar 22 2022 11:30 PM

Washing Clothing and otherstuff, what is used to keep niced?
Starching PS depending where in the world you are, their is startch made from corn, rice, and potato are three that I have hheard of. :blush:

A duty after washing day, before wash and go clothing,
That many families did, note, I have been listening to a lot of history based books, a few non MC ones, but more later.

Notes I shall have to comeback and make this a better asking questi what is done,, I have some other related stuff so this might change when I get some time and sleep, I am thinking of those Lords and Ladys etc that can have all those fancy stuff in images like Iantan painted in Red Star Rising or Dragonseye or any later books, I have a few ideas, but what would they use, lots of ironing? or for special stuff for special Gathers and other importanted things? Note feel free to move this into tthe main area iif I am asking too much in the 'keeping the special weare good. :O

vyon Mar 23 2022 06:56 AM

Re: Washing Clothing and otherstuff, what is used to keep niced?
Keeping the special wear good - unfortunately Anne doesn't tell us what the clothes were made of, it might be wool, linen, cotton, or some local fibre. She mentions "sweetsand" for bathing, but I doubt that would do fine clothes any good. The traditional method is to bash them on the rocks beside a stream or spring or rub them on a washboard, with or without handmade soap. I'm guessing anything really fine would be gently washed by hand, then dried flat or hung up to drip dry.

It's not too hard to make a non-electric washing machine for regular clothes. I used one that was basically two upside-down funnels on a lever which we pumped 200 times by hand - and it was gentler on the clothes than most modern washing machines.

As for what the clothes might have looked like, try ArmStreet.com - but only if you have plenty of time. The company is Ukranian, so at the moment they are too busy trying to keep their workers alive to take orders, so this is not an advertisement. I generally use their website as inspiration for my drawings.

Eriflor Mar 24 2022 10:54 PM

Re: Washing Clothing and otherstuff, what is used to keep niced?
The important thing is to use water at the right temperature for the fabric, so you'd start by sorting your clothes into batches of similar fabric. Bashing them on the rocks is mainly for bed-linen and possibly plain underwear.

For example, cotton and linen can be washed in really hot water. You can wring the water out before rinsing (and repeat), but it will get wrinkled and need to be ironed (hot).

Wool needs water at body temperature or it will shrink and turn to felt. Silk needs gentle handling at a cooler temperature. The water should be gently squeezed out, no wringing. Iron gently when dry if needed.

Of course all the laundry needs to be hung up to dry, preferably outside.

Sheepskin or tanned-hide clothes -- whole different process, mostly dry.

GinnyStar Mar 28 2022 06:24 PM

Re: Washing Clothing and otherstuff, what is used to keep niced?
I too have seen washer that have been runn with your feet, A Thought of what type of fabric they have its from Dragonseye or Red Sttar Rising Cotten , Wool, L and my mind blanks between :O I also recall when listing to The The Great EEscapt The one from WWII from a POW Campt my spelling has left me, but There was a person that pressed his clothing evevery night, made hhimself so cleanshaving and neate that he tried to make the he was not in the group trying to get home, but he was a walking Toolshop, dnag Ihate that when the words don't spell right say find just the spell-checker an I don't 'see' eye to eye

vyon Mar 29 2022 07:12 AM

Re: Washing Clothing and otherstuff, what is used to keep niced?
You probably mean linen, Ginny. It's made out of a plant with a little blue flower, which also produces linseed, a dietary supplement. It's often fed to show animals and horses to improve their coats. One thing I can say - don't take linseed oil if you're on warfarin or any other blood-thinner. It played havoc with my blood tests.
The linen fabric is strong, hard-wearing, and you'd wash it the same way as wool. Unlike wool, it creases very easily and would need starching and ironing to be used for the fancy clothes.

GinnyStar Mar 29 2022 09:06 PM

Re: Washing Clothing and otherstuff, what is used to keep niced?
Thanks my mind knew it just not how to spell it, I sometime s don't like it when I can not spell what I can spell, or sometimes having to find a different world or way to try and explain it.

I am thinking of a group of shorts stories, Anne s' last one was in it, but that was not the one I listen to, nore the one from OOlsn Scot Card but a differnt one, a noble that ccould not say he was gay, had awhite horse , and I read the bbio the first part of it, and the different type of startch made him ich in a very bad spot,, while trying to get a officer work done, I didn't finish that story, but might try and find the others of it, alterent history or timetraving osomething about that area is giving me a idea or two for a stall out pern and my own background idea for a story the backstory I think,, how to frame it. 'srug shoulder s' at this.

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