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Dragon Fan Oct 11 2015 03:32 PM

New Pern Books !
I see on Todd's site that His sister is working on a new Pern Book, Good news I say, Also after she completes it, She and Todd are to work on getting Anne's last book rewritten. New Pern stories on the horizon!

Lily Oct 11 2015 04:05 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
Wow! I look forward to it. I wonder if Gigi will keep to Anne's Pern better than Todd does? I can't read his books.

CuriousFlit Oct 11 2015 06:34 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
I still don't get what all the fuss is about concerning Todd's books. But yes, here's hoping Gigi takes us on a good journey to Pern. :)

Anareth Oct 12 2015 07:58 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
I hope Gigi's better at it than Todd. (What the fuss is? It's like reading really bad fan fic by a thirteen-year-old girl. Canon-following PBeM Weyrs would have rejected the plots for being too melodramatic and unbelievable.) And I'm curious what Anne's last manuscript will turn out to be like, even reworked....

Dragon Fan Oct 12 2015 08:50 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
Agreed, Todd's writings are not, Well, good. But we do have something to look forward to. We can hope Gigi will be better.

GinnyStar Oct 12 2015 09:02 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
Well she did help her mom a lot, thanks for update.

Kath Oct 13 2015 03:25 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
I'm curious, but I don't know that I'm optimistic. But who knows? It could be an awesome addition to the series!

Dragongirl Nov 9 2015 02:18 AM

Re: New Pern Book's !
Cannot. Wait.

Anneli Nov 11 2015 05:30 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
am waiting - but more in hope than in expectation ��

armourereric Nov 12 2015 08:30 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !

vyon Aug 7 2016 07:13 AM

Re: New Pern Book's !
Have you looked here?


vyon Aug 7 2016 07:18 AM

Re: New Pern Book's !
Oops! Wrong thread!

Has anyone heard any more about Gigi's book?

GinnyStar Aug 7 2016 08:26 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
Nope and WTF = What the flame is going on. What in blue blazes is going on :blush:

Mystic Feb 22 2018 12:42 AM

Re: New Pern Book's !

Looks like oct 2018

Jeslinth Feb 22 2018 08:45 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
I wonder when this will be set in Pern's history.

Eriflor Feb 23 2018 02:26 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
Could be after the final Fall. Could even be the middle of the first Long Interval, when Thread failed to turn up (Threadfail?).

SpaceCowboy Mar 8 2018 07:45 AM

New Pern Book
Well now isn't this interesting and very unexpected?


Dragon Fan Oct 2 2018 08:04 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
New PERN book, Dragon Code, arrived today, I am about 3/4 thru rereading Great Expectations, Pip may have to go on hold for awhile.

R'zil Oct 11 2018 08:57 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
I just downloaded it for my Nook from Barnes and Noble. I won't have much time this weekend to read ( just moved last month and have a lot of projects this weekend) but I will try to make a start on it. The bit I read on the Barnes and Noble site was pretty promising.

Dragon Fan Oct 13 2018 04:24 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
Finished reading it last night, Overall I would give it an A, for effort, and a B, for Accuracy, For her first Solo ( ? ) Venture into PERN, I like that she didn't jump too deeply into trying to make it her own. Plenty of time for that. I do hope she chooses to continue writing in the world of PERN. Her writing is way more like Her Mothers than her Brothers. Thank Goodness for that, Todd's writing almost feels like he is forcing plots to progress rather than just letting it flow. And if she Would happen to check out these posts on M.O.M., Thanks, Keep on Writing !

vyon Oct 16 2018 06:36 AM

Re: New Pern Books !
I got my copy yesterday, after 8 working days, not the 10 that the book depository said it would take - that's better than one bill I had from the other side of town. It looks promising.

R'zil Oct 29 2018 07:24 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
I really enjoyed it. She did stay Canon and that is important to me. At the description of stupid my first thought was "Well that makes perfect sense" but I did have to laugh.I do think Gigi stayed a little safe here, she told a story we knew but she told it from a completely different viewpoint. We did also meet a few new characters though they are secondary characters. I do hope she will continue and expand the world of Pern for us. I agree with Dragon Fan, if Gigi ever lurks on the forums like her mother did occasionally I would like her to know that I will definitely buy the next book and look forward to it.

R'zil May 26 2019 10:24 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
Has anyone else read Dragon's Code? Can we get a conversation going about this book?

CuriousFlit Jun 3 2019 10:33 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
I haven't finished it yet, but two things confuse me a lot. First of all, why does it say that Piemur was sent to Southern Weyr by Master Robinton? It's been a while since I've read Dragondrums, but didn't Piemur end up in the south by accident from falling asleep in an oldtimer dragonrider's sack after stealing a firelizard egg? Second of all, why does Stupid have six legs, and why is he called a ruminant? He's a runnerbeast, which are equines bred from Earth horses. They even call them horses again in All the Weyrs of Pern after Aivas reminded them of their history.

Blue Rider 16 Jun 20 2019 09:56 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
I despised Dragon's Code. It completely contradicted Piemur's whereabouts established in The Renegades of Pern. It actually made me wonder whether Gigi's increased involvement post All The Weyrs of Pern is responsible for the rise in Anne-consistencies in the later books.

Altair Jan 20 2020 02:33 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
I'm behind the times and didn't know about new books. Amazon, here I come...

P'ter Jan 21 2020 03:01 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
I think the confusion over Piemur is that his absconding to Southern was made official by Robinton appointing him "Drum Apprentice" there.

Eriflor Mar 12 2020 01:01 AM

Re: New Pern Book's !

Originally Posted by Eriflor (Post 206584)
Could be after the final Fall. Could even be the middle of the first Long Interval, when Thread failed to turn up (Threadfail?).

Actually we haven't seen Toric get his comeuppance yet, let alone whatever he's plotting with Fourth. That could be a sequel to Gigi's book.

Eriflor Mar 18 2020 11:21 PM

Re: New Pern Book's !
I ordered Dragon's Code online from my local library this week --- got an e-mail today saying it had arrived, but all the libraries are closed until further notice due to COVID-19 outbreak here in British Columbia.

So then I tried to download one of the 2 E-books they say are provided free by the library system, but couldn't get either of them. Tragic.

May have to break down and subscribe to a commercial E-book. Or wait til the pandemic is over.

vyon Mar 22 2020 07:33 AM

Re: New Pern Books !
All our temporary libraries here are closed as well - the main Central Library closed a year ago because it is considered an earthquake risk. And, as a 70+ year old I am supposed to stay at home as much as possible. That isn't hard because almost everything that I normally go to during the week, including church, has stopped indefinitely. I had to watch this morning's church service this morning via facebook and chromecast. I did go out for my usual Sunday lunch with my son and daughter-in-law but instead of our usual Irish pub meal we had burgers on the park lawn in the sunshine at a place called the "Rogue and Vagabond." They rope out a part of the park then dot the place with huge beanbag cushions and little tables set into the top of rubber tyres. It's a popular music venue and a very pleasant place to eat on a sunny afternoon. Then we walked to the market for some veges - and were about to step onto the carpark before we realised what we were not seeing. Behold a totally empty carpark, except for two couples wandering around in it and looking lost. Supermarket vegetables it is, for this week, and a few more I'll be guessing.

Eriflor Mar 22 2020 02:23 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
Here in Vancouver, Canada, as a precaution against coronavirus, we're not allowed to congregate in large numbers. It started with a maximum of 250, now it's 50. And in Nova Scotia they just reduced the maximum number to 5 people. We've been advised to stay home if we don't actually need to go out, even if we haven't been in contact with the disease, and if we go out, to stay 2 metres away from anyone else. Last week there was an aerial shot of hundreds of people at a local beach, and the Provincial Health Officer was furious.

I just started re-reading Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern, which also deals with an influenza pandemic and the problems of overcrowding, poor hygiene and poverty.


granath Mar 23 2020 02:43 AM

Re: New Pern Books !
Re-reading Moreta seems like a good idea. Maybe Nerilka as well... But Moreta's the first Pern book I ever read and still my favorite.

Eriflor Mar 23 2020 12:51 PM

Re: New Pern Books !
I read the first four out-of-sequence:

There was enough background in Dragonquest and Dragonsinger that I could follow the story-line without having read the first of the pair.

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