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sassie Jan 15 2005 07:38 PM

any follow up book?
I wish that there was a 4th book to explore the contact and interaction between all three species that are united on Doona, I think there could be alot of material on the culture of the Gringg, they are advanced as the Humans and the Hrrubans. Surely if there are three intelligent and advanced species they would join together if only to find if there were more and the sharing of technology would make this possible.
BIG PRETTY PLEASE to Anne or Jody to think about this suggestion....It's
driving me nuts!!!
:think: :salute: :bow: :bow:
With respect and shameless pleading
Sassie :good:

bamsdragon Feb 2 2005 04:38 PM

Re: any follow up book?
At the end of the last book, wasn't there some mention about a forth possible race of some such who the Gringg had told to come look for the people on Donna because they somehow learn to comunicate with others.. Or something like that... Can you say.. MORE...

Dragonsqueen Feb 2 2005 11:07 PM

Re: any follow up book?
That;s pushing it, expecting them to be entirly co-operative, if none of the other species do, some crazy human's likely to start some problem or a war with one of the other species, it's in their nature!!! :sneak:

sassie Feb 3 2005 12:26 PM

Re: any follow up book?
There is the mis-understanding of when the war distroyed world was found with the Gringg wreakage, but this was explained as the world already at war and attacking the Gringg as soon as they were hailed. This was why they approached Doona with so much caution. So in a way there are (or were ) at least four intelligent races. Given the differnt technologies and approachs, I find it strange that they would at least think or start making plans about conducting a joint search operation.
I just want another Doona book really
:good: :bouncy: :good: :bouncy:

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