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Hans Aug 15 2009 10:54 AM

Hans 7 - flowers and animals
It's animals and flowers again...

This one I titled "Hanging on for dear life" as the gentle wind made the flower sway so much that the bee had to exert some extra effort to hang on. I took advantage of a calm moment and clicked... As you will notice the wind came from the left.


I can't help but be fascinated by the wasps and bees that visit the flowers and blossoms in my wife's lovely garden. This one I named "Almost over the top...". I also like the "composition" the extremely blurred background made, more luck in that than effort on my side but you need an amount of luck for good pictures.


We've lots of frogs in our pond and they sit and swim everywhere. This particular one thought a waterlily might make a nice place to "perch". This photograph is aptly called: "Beauty and the beast". I especially like the reflection of the lily in the dark pond waters.


All good things come in threes... Ice flowers (direct translation from Dutch, English name might be different) look like they're emitting light (even without me cheating a little by turning up the luminosity a little).


Near our garden is a very large pond (a "wheel" in Dutch) which is a leftover of a breakthrough of the dyke during the big disaster of 1953. A local heron obliged me by standing there, ignoring me. I couldn't ignore him...


StevenB Aug 20 2009 01:40 PM

Re: Hans 7 - flowers and animals
Wow! What a beautiful collection of photographs. I especially like the first one: knowing that you managed to get the bee and flower both sharp and inside your depth of field when the flower was moving around in the wind.

I'm not so sure about the second picture. The actual bee and flower look great, but perhaps you could crop away some of the blurred background on the left hand side, or change the picture to portrait mode?

The photograph of the heron might benefit from some sharpening to bring up the texture of the feathers.

But what a beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing.

DragonBuddy Aug 20 2009 05:52 PM

Re: Hans 7 - flowers and animals
The colors are bold and beautiful! The Frog picture is my favorite. I love the reflection in the rippling water. The hairs on the bee are amazing!

Farclas Aug 21 2009 01:12 PM

What can I say? I hate you!

Nah, a really impressive collection of shots - sharp focus, super rich saturation, good composition. And how about that heron? Very co-operative, or long lens, or tight crop - whatever, just great.

Do you have a 'legit' macro lens? Or extension tubes?

Hans Aug 22 2009 05:01 AM

Re: Hans 7 - flowers and animals
You make me blush you!

Yes, I have a "legit" macro lens in that my Tamron 70-300 has a macro setting. The Canon lenses are usually too expensive for me (or I don't have the perseverance to save up log enough) so that I tend to buy the dedicated lenses by other brands. The Tamron 1:4-5.6 tis a really good lens for it's price. The macro range is 1:2 to 1:3.9

I recently bought a Sigma 18-200 f. 3.5 to replace the kitlens, because I wanted more zoom without having to change the lens. This lens does not have a macro option.

The Heron portrait is not cropped (except a little bit reduced in height) was shot with the Tamron tele at 1/400 and f. 7.1 at the max 300 mm. But as said, I could come fairly close as it was ignoring me :) Steven suggested to sharpen it and I will certainly try that, but I must say I was pretty impressed with the sharpness of this "cheap" lens.

I have another two heron pics on flickr that are not photoshopped or worked on:

"comic heron", because the bird in this picture had such a comical feel. Photoshop tells me the focal length for this pic was 144 mm (these two were shot with the Sigma lens), so from that you will be able to judge I was standing pretty close to the heron.


and this one, which gives you a feel of the overall situation


Lady Maelin Aug 10 2010 11:26 PM

Re: Hans 7 - flowers and animals
Hans...I love the frog in the lily...is that from your own garden pond lily pads? I also enjoyed the photos of the Heron's...they are lovely birds...especially in your photos.

Hans Aug 11 2010 03:29 AM

Re: Hans 7 - flowers and animals
Yes, Maelin, the frog was photographed in our own pond, in our own garden.

As for herons, I agree, but NOT IN MY POND! :)

Rider of Panth Aug 17 2021 08:09 PM

Re: Hans 7 - flowers and animals
Oh the bee wings and hair! Nice detail. Beautiful clarity. And the frog : lovely little chappie. Oh to take photos like this. I'm a lazy click and snap girl. You clearly enjoy the art of photography Hans. Thanks for sharing.

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