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Allen Apr 2 2009 01:44 PM

We just got back from a cruise, and it stormed the first two days out. Here's some shots from those days:

I didn't like the railing in the pic, so I took the next one.

I'm not sure that using Photoshop 6's auto levels was the right thing to do.

A modern-day Flying Dutchman?

So, what do you think?

Kath Apr 2 2009 02:56 PM

Re: SeaStorms
I'd be tempted to try them in monochrome, given the lack of colour variation in the original view. Looks like it was a dramatic day!

Allen Apr 2 2009 06:57 PM

Re: SeaStorms
Well, the weather was anything but boring!

Hans Apr 4 2009 03:33 PM

Re: SeaStorms
I like the pics, the first the best, but what Id do different is cropping them. Pictures like the first two lend themselves perfectly for a wide presentation, like this:


I "shopped" the picture a little as the railing was still showing when I cut it out like I would personally do. I also added more contrast and especially luminance, so the white in both clouds and waves show better and more pronounced. It also brings out the rays/beams of sunlight through the gaps in the cloud cover, an effect I always love.

I tried it in black and white, like Kath suggested, but didn't like what it did to this (particular) photograph.

When I added a red photofilter though (remember what an actual red filter did to our pictures when we were still actually shooting in B&W :) and that result I liked enough to save:


How was the cruise, Draco?

Allen Apr 4 2009 11:21 PM

Re: SeaStorms
We didn't have enough time in any one port; Cozumel, Belize City, Costa Maya, and Nassau. I would have liked to have at least over 24 hours in Nassau, and we were only there from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM. I couldn't even hunt down Kalik Gold. Here's one of me sight-seeing in Nassau:


Sorry I look so worn-out, tired and depressed.

Hans Apr 5 2009 04:56 AM

Re: SeaStorms
Now THAT"S a great picture :good: The enjoyment (probably happiness of finally finding gold!) :D radiates from the picture! I also like you tshirt even though it belies the state you are in on the photo :D

Yeah, a real pity you didn't have more time ashore in the ports.

Ah, I wish I could be so worn-out, tired and depressed at times...

Allen Apr 5 2009 09:49 PM

Re: SeaStorms
That's Kalik Silver. That's easy to find. I just picked the wrong spot; an upstairs Greek restaurant that was very tourist-trap. One beer, $6 US, and I had to practically fight to get the waiter to bring me Kalik. He kept trying to sell me something else.

Kalik is the beer Bahamians drink.

I also brought back a bottle of cashew wine from Belize. Tried it there...... goooood stuff.

Allen Apr 5 2009 10:12 PM

Re: SeaStorms
Any interest in a "What I did on my cruise" - type thread (pics, of course) in the Exhibit Hall or Cafe? There's a similar thread running on the NKT; the one I started to tell people I was going.

Hans Apr 6 2009 03:51 AM

Re: SeaStorms
Yes, I for one would like to read some more and see some pics? The Café would be the place.

Sorry for the mistake with the beer and cashew wine is a totally new product for me, never even heard of it!

GinnyStar Apr 6 2009 05:17 AM

Re: SeaStorms
Hmm. nice images. I well look at them better later.

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