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D. M. Domini Jun 19 2015 09:25 PM

Dragon name generator
Hi guys! I made something. It's not a story for once.

It's a dragon name generator!


That's its temporary home. I'm still tweaking it a bit, trying to get better dragon names from it.

Basically, how it works "behind the scenes" is I have 3 lists of "name parts". Basically, a prefix, a middle part, and a suffix.

The prefix I've taken from various words. I threw in a few that give a chance at throwing out "canon" names...meaning, I wanted to make a system that WOULD sometimes throw out a Ruth or Mnementh or Ramoth. (Although, more frequently you'll get close matches...instead of Ramoth you might get Ramenth or Ramibeth.) There's also a chance for the prefix to be nothing--meaning, you get a shorter name, so things like "Ath" or "Anth" are possibilities.

For the middle, it's usually a vowel or vowel combination, but I've also given it a chance to be nothing. Sometimes you'll get awkward things like "Aphth" but hey, does anyone understand how Mnementh got the spelling for HIS name? I mean, can dragons write? So why "Mnem" instead of "Nem"? ;)

Anyway, in my generator, the suffix always ends in "th" or some variation--"th" and "nth" are the most common, but I threw in some things like "beth" or whatever in it. This one can't be skipped, otherwise you'd get a non-dragon name!

This is a really bare-bones script. I'm basically teaching myself how to program, and wanted to generate names. It might change/move places/stop working/have the names generated change drastically as I refine my lists of words, but hopefully a few of you will get some enjoyment out of it before then.

D. M. Domini Jun 19 2015 09:29 PM

Re: Dragon name generator
And, wow...

My own script is being mean to me by throwing out this (non) beauty:

Behold, the brown dragon:



My next stop might be to figure out how to ban certain names from appearing.

Daccio Jun 19 2015 10:02 PM

Re: Dragon name generator
A friend of mine made something similar to help us create words for alien languages. We had to input sample words which the program would chop up, put back together and spit back out as a list. Many of those words were unpronounceable and we would just skip them. Overall it worked pretty well.

D. M. Domini Jun 29 2015 05:18 PM

Re: Dragon name generator
To me, it would be a bit messy if I had to "fix" too many of the names. So I've been massaging the list so mostly good ones come out.

I did some updates today. :D

Edit: For example, it generated the queen dragon Menoupeth.

D. M. Domini Jul 7 2015 09:05 PM

Re: Dragon name generator
I've done another iteration, here:


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