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McClance Sep 8 2006 10:04 PM

Casting Doona
As I'm reading Doona at the moment, I decided to do a thread like this. Similar what we once did with Pern.

Who would you cast for the Doona Trilogy. Neither the age of actors at present nor cost being an issue...


Alan Alda as Ken Reeve
Clyde Kusatsu as Hu Shih
James Earl Jones as Hrruna
Sean Connery as Hrrto
Jonathan Freeman as Third Speaker
Peter Weller as Al Landreau
Robert Englund as Adult Hrriss
Scott Miles as Adult Todd
Dina Meyer as Kelly Solinari
Michael Shanks as Abe Dautrish
Robert Duncan McNeil as Vic Solinari
Leon Rippy as Ali Kiechif
Lani Tupu as Rogitel
Vaughn Armstrong as Admiral Sumitral
Murray Bartlett as Lee Lawrence
Michael Aron as Jil Landreau
Kurt Russell as Greene
Ronny Cox as Admiral Barnstable
Christine Stephen-Daly as Captain Castleton

That's all for now.

The Hrrubans, I think, would be executed by someone being the body and someone else doing the voice--like they did with Darth Vader.

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