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Allen Jan 12 2010 03:30 PM

As you might have seen in the Exhibit Hall, I'm doing pictures cut in wood with a scroll saw. There are regular patterns, as well as taking a photo and turning it into a picture. Anyone interested in such a picture, please feel free to post here or contact me by PM or email.

I have access to patterns for almost any subject you care to think of, so let me know.

jube Jan 13 2010 02:40 AM

Re: Pictures
The only downfall, you may find, is that you're only able to post locally as posting to them to Australia will incur quarantine on those items. We discovered that when my sister posted something to my nan, my nan only received one item as something was taken out from it that couldn't be sent to Nan :irk:.



So I'll be a party pooper and just enjoy the photos okay - I hope you don't mind my giving you this info but I don't want you disappointed about it if there's some things that can't be done through the postal service. Pain in the rear end, so to speak, these quarantine laws but they're designed to protect our landscape from harm.

Allen Jan 13 2010 08:24 AM

Re: Pictures
Having read over the "What can't be imported" list, there's nothing about processed wood, such as hardwood or plywood. The closest it mentions is wood with bark or sign of insect damage. I think dried wood, such as I use in my plaques and pictures would be allowed, but I would want to check first to be sure..... if the situation were to arise, i.e., if someone from Australia wanted to order something.

I think I remember seeing a pattern for a kangaroo or wallaby, for instance.

jube Jan 13 2010 05:43 PM

Re: Pictures
Sorry Draco for having brought it up but I think it was fresh in my mind because of xmas and my sister living in the USA having posted stuff to OZ and we had a discussion at my mum's place about it.

Plenty of kangaroos and wallabies around here :D

Allen Jan 13 2010 09:48 PM

Re: Pictures
I mentioned the roos and wallabys because I didn't know if people there like pics of them like we like pics of our native wildlife like deer, elk, and so on.

Like I said, I'll cross the import bridge when I come to it.

Thanks for the heads up on your laws. It's a lot better to know now than later.

Samsara Jan 14 2010 12:21 AM

Re: Pictures
The wood has to be 'treated' (whatever that means) before it can be imported into Australia.

jube Jan 14 2010 02:01 AM

Re: Pictures
When wood is "treated", usually it means that a wood preservative has been applied to kill off fungi, insects etc in the wood, treated pine that one uses in garden beds etc springs to mind. However in the last few years, one of the preservatives used for treating such wood called Chromate copper arsenate has been restricted in usage in several countries due to arsenic leaching out of the wood into it's environment. Here's the wikipedia version with more details then what I've given:


Allen Jan 19 2010 08:27 AM

Re: Pictures
There's also another alternative. Acrylic. I can get acrylic sheet in a whole variety of colors as well as solids (like signs are made ofl light passes through, but you can't see the bulb), transparent, and mirrored.

Here's one source:


I don't think there would be any objection to this material being imported.

Allen Jan 26 2010 11:00 AM

Re: Pictures
I sent an email to the proper authorities today, to see what they have to say about the matter. I am salvaging some old wood from an old house that was rough-sawn, unprocessed lumber when it was new, which was probably about 100 years ago, more or less. That wood, for instance I would never think about sending, because I know for a fact there's insect (termite and others) damage in some of it. But plywood that's 1/4 inch thick (6.35 mm) or thinner, and made for indoor hobby use, so it's not treated, like outdoor wood is....... and I understood what Samsara meant by the term, because I'm learning carpentry the hard way. Necessity is not only the mother of invention, but learning as well. :)

I didn't even mention the old house wood, because I don't intend to use it for anything that I would export, and wouldn't want to confuse the issue.

So we'll see what they have to say!

Allen Jan 26 2010 12:13 PM

Re: Pictures
Here are 2 new dragon patterns I have on hand. For U.S. friends, I could put these into the 50 to 100+ year old white oak or red oak planks I mentioned above.

http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j1...singdragon.jpgThis measures 8-3/4" X 6-1/2"

http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j1...gonresting.jpgThis measures 9-1/4" X 5-1/4"

Either can be mounted on a base, although Taking Flight was designed in the oval to be hung, while with wood almost 1" thick, Dragon Resting should free stand.

Allen Jan 28 2010 10:09 PM

Re: Pictures
Just a quick note; I heard back from the Australian Quarantine authorities, and they indicated there should be no problem any longer with manufactured items like my scrolled pictures.

Jube, thank you for being concerned enough to point out the potential problem. I appreciate your consideration.

Allen Mar 9 2010 09:10 AM

Re: Pictures
Here's an update:

I sold my first piece to Chrysalis from the NKT. She picked out this eagle pattern from an internet site for her husband's birthday.

I made this piece, "Taking Flight", as an experiment to see what it was like, trying to cut a pattern into that 100+ year old white oak I told you about. Well, I posted a pic of it as a semi-humorous point in a thread on the NKT, and now it has a new home with Murphy in California. Not only that, but Wolfgar wants two, one reversed and one regular, so they can face each other. He's going to put them on either side of another picture he already has for accent.

I also have an order for 2 portraits for Samarra. They're a pic of her son, for the 2 grandmothers. I have the pattern done, unless I get a wild hair and decide to change it. I was hoping to be able to put it into the white oak, but after a failed experiment with a protrait of our oldest grandson, that's out.

But anyway, I'm still looking for other pics to do. There are a lot of subjects out there, besides the custom portraits. If anyone has any ideas they'd like, let me know.

Pernaficionado Mar 23 2010 06:34 PM

Re: Pictures
hmm... I like these they are very interesting. Could the Cuts be altered in size and assembled into say, bookends?I envision "Dragon resting" on either side of my mccaffrey 1st eds. if you were to add a small wedge to the back of the semicircle would that add sufficient stability to stand on a bookcase with the pic facing front?

Allen Mar 23 2010 10:59 PM

Re: Pictures
I can flip the pattern with the touch of a button. That way the dragon would face front on either end. I can do a change in size within certain restrictions with a few keystrokes. Limiting factor would be the size of the wood I'm working with. I would suggest a base attached to the bottom of the picture piece, up to the same size as the picture (facing outward), or a piece of 1/8-inch plywood facing inward, to slide under the books, like the metal bookends we used to have in our high school library when I was a kid. I don't know if they still use them in schools or not.

I could do them in the antique oak, but every board has some natural warp to it. I don't know how much of it I could plane out. I also have some Baltic birch plywood about 3/8-inch that would work very well. If you're interested, we can talk prices.

Allen Mar 23 2010 11:12 PM

Re: Pictures
I misunderstood what you meant by the dragon facing front. If I (now) understand you, it would be relatively easy, from a layout standpoint. To cut the pattern into the antique oak is a time-consuming thing, because the stuff is so damn hard. Take your time or break a blade. There's also the blue dragon cross stitch that Priscilla did. I'm going to turn that into a scrolling pattern. Either of them, or Taking Flight for that matter, could be done as bookends with a little modification.

Pernaficionado Mar 24 2010 03:21 PM

Re: Pictures
Yes I am interested. I would like to see if we can figure out a modification the doesn't visibly alter the sleek outline of the semicircle though. They will be used as bookends in a purely decorative sense and not to actually support the books. The straight vertical edge is just enough to line up with books in a seamless way. Also, I like the way the eagle is finished. Could we do that but maybe with an espresso or cherry colored wood stain? and additionally depending on the timescale and the price I would possibly like a wall plaque of each (flying and resting) for this year's SoCal Gather. Could the bookend image be scaled down to fit an 8''x5'' semicircle and the plaques approximately a square foot apiece?(they could be more elongated into ovals of course) With these as the basis to work from, and assuming the bookends were last so the plaques could be finished in time, could you pm me with just a rough estimate of time and price? and shipping? I am in Las Vegas.

Allen Mar 24 2010 09:58 PM

Re: Pictures
Well, the dimentions of the plaques are listed with the patterns. I can vary a bit, but in the antique oak, I don't have any boards a foot wide. They're most commonly about 8 inches wide, but I can look around and see if any of the boards inside the old house, which are red oak, might be wider.

Shape: The semi-oval could just get a piece for a stand on the bottom, maybe about 2 inches wide and as long as the plaque.

Color: I can stain them any color that Minwax makes, that Walmart carries. I can also get a bigger selection at Lowe's, but that's a 70-mile round trip, and their prices are higher. But if I use red oak, it has a bit of a reddish cast to it anyway. There are some exotic woods available in solid wood (as opposed to plywood), but not commonly a foot wide.

When is the SoCal gather? I have a couple of projects on deck, but I can play with patterns in the evenings on my workdays when I don't go out to the shed to cut. Let me know what kind of time frame we're looking at.

Pernaficionado Mar 24 2010 11:31 PM

Re: Pictures
SoCal is undecided but will be either the 2nd or the 16th of May. I completely understand if this is insufficient time, it was just an idea i was throwing around. we do a sort of mystery gift game with numbers and stuff and i need 2 gifts.

8 inches should be wide enough. I think an elongated oval of 8"x12" would like very nice, with the flying dragon cut to the vertical like your above picture and and the resting dragon on the horizontal.

I am concerned that the much smaller, finer cuts of "dragon resting" would be difficult to remove. could the bookends have the "etched" look of the eagle picture so the finish would remain two-tone and the dragons being lighter in color?

Allen Mar 25 2010 12:40 AM

Re: Pictures
The eagle looks etched because it's cut into 1/8th-inch plywood. The two dragons were made to be cut into much thicker wood. The antique oak is almost an inch thick, only slightly thinner after I plane it down and smooth it out. That's what gives the Taking Flight plaque its distinctive look. I don't think either would look right done in thin wood. BTW, Taking Flight has been selling for $35 in standard size. So far, the boards I've used haven't been 1" X 8", they've only been 1" X 6". I think I might have some 8 inch wide boards. Resting Dragon is more involved; more cuts, and small delicate cuts at that. I had a bad experience with trying to do a portrait of my grandson in the white oak. It was more involved than the dragon though.

For a dragon pic in thin wood, there's this one:


He would be in a piece of 11"X 14" plywood. I could cut two at the same time for a reduced price on the pair, $40 for one, $60 for two. I like the way he looks like he's coming into the "room" with his claws over the edge of the opening. Like I said, this pattern is made to be cut into thin wood and framed, not stand alone like Taking Flight and Resting Dragon.

Pernaficionado Mar 29 2010 12:35 AM

Re: Pictures
oh I didnt realize, no I would rather have them cut through and the standard size would be fine for the wall plaques. I would like one image of dragon resting reversed for the bookends. is an 8x5 or 8x6 inch semicircle feasible?

Allen Mar 30 2010 11:15 PM

Re: Pictures
I put the pattern into photoshop and removed the "constrain proportions" setting. Then I resized it from its original 9-1/4 X 5-1/4 inches to 8 X 6 inches. It changed the proportions somewhat. This was the simple fix.


Other than this easy fix, it will be more involved to keep the dragon the same proportions and make it smaller and fit it into the 8 X 6 semicircle. But it can be done.

Pernaficionado Apr 20 2010 07:48 PM

Re: Pictures
oh! sorry! I have been offline for a bit, only checking email and nothing else. I am so sorry! anyway it looks as though i wont make it to SoCal, but I do still want the bookends. we will hold off on the wall plaques for now, maybe I will get to the Fall gather instead:) What you did looks good to me, much bigger would be too big for my shelves:) if you PM me it will send notice to my email and i wont be so out of touch if I get too busy to hit the internet and check my regular sites again. I am soooo sorry it so long to respond!

jube Apr 21 2010 10:41 AM

Re: Pictures
You're welcome Draco. Glad to help out if necessary. Actually I should check NKT out and see what you have on offer there. I haven't been there in ages so thanks for the reminder :D

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