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Hans Nov 30 2008 11:37 AM

Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium
For November (just in time) I want to share another set of 5 photographs.

First, France...


This is Mont Saint Michel caught on a summerday a few years ago with my Kodak Z740 digital camera. I stopped by the road for this shot and waited until there was no traffic. It gives a bit of surrealistic or maybe even a fantasy feeling. It like the way the mount (castle) seems to be floating on air :) The Normandy backland lends to the horizon and makes an artistic break; but what I love best is the black tarmac road curving from the foreground towards the mount and the field with the (tiny) sheep. As I said it gave me a surrealistic feeling. The blue sky (no manipulation there!) and the stark white clouds give the picture an even more dramatic cast.



I can't remember which town exactly we were staying on our way towards the Czech Republic in 2005. We only stayed there one night and in the late afternoon we were wandering around town and ended up at the outskirts where we crossed a nice river over a modern bridge. I happened to 'descend' and went looking what was 'underneath', and came up with this shot. It gave me the feeling of an underworld, a subterranean world lying there, just ready to be discovered :)
Question: Should I crop this picture differently, with the left line of the bridge or viaduct cutting into the photograph's top left corner? I also might tone the top right corner down as it is overexposed (in the original). But it does indicate that the sun is shining abundantly on the "top side" and if photoshopped it I would lose that effect... what do you think?

On towards Belgium...


I dug this up when I heard Edith was going to Gent (Ghendt or whatever). This picture was taken from a tourboat. These boats lie low in the water and sitting at the board I was able to hold my camera quite near the water surface with the intention to catch the reflection of (especially) the tower of the church you cannot see in the actual picture. There's an ugly modern wooden structure to the right which I cut out of the photo as much as possible.


This is an old picture from the days I was still working in retail. I sold so many video recorders for the Philips company that year that they decided to give me a short holiday in Belgium as an extra bonus. This little chapel is near a town called Peer (pear in Dutch). The trip took place in September and te trees had already lost all their leaves which gave me quite a contrast between the warm colours of the bricks and the gray sky with the dark trees. This must be a real 'cool' chapel in summer ;)


In the nearby city of Tongeren (Tongres) I found these steps and the damaged wall which very much intriuged me at the time. Had somebody shot an antique lead ball shot at someone standing on those steps...? What's the history behind the so curiously damaged wall. And why in heaven's name would somebody want to coat a brick wall in (fake) brick strips... I probably will never know :) but it gives a real nice ton-sur-ton colour effect. What also struck me was that there seemd to be rust (colour) in a lot of places except anywhere the steel railing :) And who nicked the (street) sign that was hanging on the left against the wall? :D

P'ter Nov 30 2008 12:38 PM

Re: Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium
Over here a lot of old timberframe buildings had a brick skin added in the 17/18th C. It could be that it has been 'citified' with the addition of the stone quoins and the extra skin of brick, especially as the under layer look far more varied and quite coarse.

The banisters look rather the worse for wear too.

jube Nov 30 2008 09:08 PM

Re: Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium
Looks rather interesting though! Hope it wasn't some ancestor of mine :D

mawra Nov 30 2008 10:12 PM

Re: Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium
I love the pics. My fav. is the first one. If not for the road it could have been taken 100 or more years ago.

Emeraldrose Dec 2 2008 09:40 AM

Re: Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium
The pictures are beautiful...I especially like the castle, the bridge underworld and the church :)

Farclas Dec 4 2008 02:18 AM

Re: Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium
Hi Hans - I've been drawn back to your set several times, just to see if the chapel at Peers remains my favourite. It is! I love the composition and the colours - and the fact that the trees really put the chapel spire in it's place. I also really like the canal reflections shot.

As for the under-bridge shot, I took the liberty of dragging onto the desktop and trying some crops. A tight vertical worked the best, but none really improved your composition.

I checked out the 'rule of thirds', and you've ticked all the right boxes in the original; the diagonals also give vitality to the composition:

I couldn't work it out - then had a thought. Something in the foreground to give a focus point of interest? I tried this Photoshopped cut-out of a beggar, but it didn't really work - it grabbed all the attention, reducing the view to mere background. Maybe something simpler - like a solitary flower, maybe? Anyway, kudos on the lighting - it's a huge dynamic range. Please forgive the greened foliage - that was just a quick slash-and-burn!

Hans Dec 4 2008 03:57 AM

Re: Hans 3 - France, Germany and Belgium
I see what you mean Farclas, and placing something in the foreground does work wonderfully well indeed. I hadn't actually thought of that but did toy with the idea to crop out a piece of the bottom so the rock would be gome as the lighter spot of beige colour attracted my eye every time when I looked at the picture a little longer :)

As for the green foliage, you probably reacted to the fact that the light on that side is a tad too bright. I ust admit I did try to 'shop' that a little darker but it didn't come out the way I wanted it and i the end I decided to post the original and see what people here thought. I'm personally still undecided whether I like the light spot or not. Thanks for taking such a close look, although that is, of course, the purpose of this forum :)

I personally like the water reflection shot too, but in the (wider) original that modern wooden structure on the right ruins the shot for me.

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