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Cheryl Mar 28 2009 09:40 AM

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough's website


For details on the Acorna and Petaybee books that Scarborough co-authored, please see the series forum dedicated to them.

Argonia/Songs from the Seashell Archives Quartet
1: Song of Sorcery, 1982
2: The Unicorn Creed, 1983
3: Bronwyn’s Bane, 1983
4: The Christening Quest, 1985

Drastic Dragon Series
1: The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas, 1986
2: The Goldcamp Vampire, 1987

The Songkiller Saga
1: Phantom Banjo, 1991
2: Picking the Ballad’s Bones, 1991
3: Strum Again?, 1992

Nothing Sacred Series
1: Nothing Sacred, 1991
2: Last Refuge, 1992

Godmother Series
1: The Godmother, 1994
2: The Godmother’s Apprentice, 1995
3: The Godmother’s Web, 1998

Cleopatra Series
1: Channeling Cleopatra, 2002
2: Cleopatra 7.2, 2004

Standalone Novels
The Harem of Aman Akbar, 1984
The Healer's War, 1988 (Nebula Award for Best Novel 1989)
Carol for Another Christmas, 1996
The Lady in the Loch, 1998

Space Opera, with Anne McCaffrey, 1996
Warrior Princesses, with Martin H. Greenberg, 1998
Past Lives, Present Tense, 1999
Vampire Slayers: Stories of Those Who Dare to Take Back the Night, with Martin H. Greenberg, 1999

Short Story Collections
Scarborough Fair and Other Stories, 2003

Other Short Stories
"Milk from a Maiden's Breast", 1987
"Wolf From the Door", 1988
"The Elephant In-Law", 1988
"The Camelot connection", 1988
"Bastet's Blessing", 1989
"The Castle's Haunted Parking Lot", 1991
"The Queen's Cat's Tale", 1991
"The Dragon of Tollin", 1992
"Candy's Wonder Cure", 1993
"The Cat-Quest of Mu Mao the Magnificent", 1994
"Jean-Pierre and the Gator-Maid", 1994
"The Stone of War and the Nightingale's Egg", 1995
"First Communion", 1995
"Born Again", 1996
"The Snake Charm", 1988 (excerpt from The Healer's War)
"The Attack of the Avenging Virgins", 1998
"Debriefing the Warrior/Princess", 1998
"The Fatal Wager", 1998
"Final Vows", 1998
"Worse Than The Curse", 2000
"The Mummies of the Motorway", 2001
"Jewels Beyond Price", 2005

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